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About Knox Nursery

Knox Nursery, Inc. is a Florida plug and liner producer that packs the Florida sun into every plant, providing our customers with a Better Built Plant in our GoPlug™ and Flori-Color™ liner production. Dutch rolling benches are incorporated throughout the whole operation and each tray is equipped with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip that is an integral part of the software program Grower's Own™, developed by Knox Nursery, Inc.


Developed in-house over the past 21 years, our Grower's Own™ program contributes to our superior customer service by enabling us to easily track trays from the sow or stick date through to shipping. We are able to offer real time tracking of customer's orders.

Knox Nursery's liner production is done in the Eco-friendly Ellepot. The Ellepot provides our customers a plant with a healthier root system that results in faster finished times after transplant. Knox also provides a line of pre-filled Ellepots that are palletized and shipped directly to our customers.

A second-generation business, Knox Nursery started in 1962 on the Knox family porch. Today, 61 years later, Knox Nursery encompasses 23 acres of production

Quality plants and customer service are what customers have come to expect from Knox Nursery, your one stop shop.

Aerial shot of Knox

Aerial shot of Knox Nursery