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The Ellepot Store

The EZ-Pot is Knox Nursery’s brand for Ellepots, a degradable paper pot. EZ-Pots promote better air exchange compared to average plastic pots. This results in stronger root growth and overall more healthy plants. Better air exchange also promotes root pruning, an advantage in a bump-up transplant program that results in faster establishment and time to finish.

The EZ-Pot system offers you:

  • Total control:
    • You choose the size
    • You choose the media
    • Knox does the work
  • Transplant efficiency: quick removal and faster planting
  • Rooting efficiency: higher yields & less bench time
  • Landscaper friendly: Easy removal, no pots/cell packs to collect and discard = faster planting
  • Environmentally sound: The EZ-Pot is completely degradable

Pre-filled EZ-Pot trays are available in a wide variety of Ellepot sizes and tray configurations. These EZ-Pots can be filled with our premium soil mix. Pre-filled trays are available to ship to customers by shrink-wrapped pallet or full truck load.

When you're ready to switch Knox Nursery makes it easy!

Available EZ-Pots:

Ellepot Size MM

Ellepot Size Inches

Tray Options

Trays per Pallet

20mm x 40mm 0.787" x 1.575" 209 Count 320
20mm x 40mm 0.787" x 1.575"

144 Count


25mm x 40mm 0.984" x 1.575"

2 x 51 Count


25mm x 40mm
0.984" x 1.575"

102 Count


30mm x 40mm 1.181" x 1.575"

72 Count


30mm x 40mm
1.181" x 1.575"

6 strips of 13


35mm x 40mm 1.378" x 1.575" 72 Count 320
35mm x 60mm 1.378" x 2.362" 72 Count 270
40mm x 40mm 1.575" x 1.575"

50 Count


50mm x 55mm 1.969" x 2.165"

32 Count


50mm x 78mm 1.969" x 3.071"

32 Count


60mm x 78mm 2.362" x 3.071"

24 Count


65mm x 70mm 2.559" x 2.756"

18 Count


65mm x 70mm
2.559" x 2.756"

21 Count


70mm x 78mm 2.756"x 3.071"

18 Count

80mm x 60mm 3.150"x 2.362"

10 Count


  • Other tray counts available upon special request
  • Quantity discounts available upon special request
  • Soil mix is variable; we have several standard media to choose from. The 80mm mix has Polyon 16-6-12 @ 6 lbs/yd3 and Multicote 15-7-15 @ 2 lbs/yd3 as slow-release fertilizer as well as Rootshield @ ¾ lb/yd3. Any custom media must be supplied by the customer

This information is also available in a PDF document:  The Ellepot Store

See demonstrations of Ellepots on YouTube!

Pre-filled Ellepot trays may be ordered through your broker, or directly from Knox Nursery, Inc.

Please call Customer Service for further information: (800) 441‑5669

60mm, 2401 tray

25mm, 2-51 tray (2 strips of 51 cells)

50mm, TR32