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How can I order finished bedding plants from Knox Nursery?

Knox Nursery, Inc. always welcomes the opportunity to expand our wholesale customer family. To be considered for a wholesale account, your business must have strong ties to the horticultural industry through sales, services or purchase. Examples of businesses that qualify for wholesale customer accounts include, but are not limited to: retail or wholesale nursery & garden centers, landscape & lawn maintenance contractors, foliage & interior-scapers, country club & golf courses, City Parks and Rec. Departments, hotels and resorts, and local tourist attractions and theme parks.

Return the following required forms and documentation to Knox Nursery, Inc.
  • Return completed New Customer Information Packet
  • Submit copy of Business License/Occupational License
  • Submit copy of I-9 form
  • Submit copy of Tax-Exempt/Resale Certificate (if applicable)
Please contact our Finished Sales Team at sales@knoxnursery.com for further information, thank you!